Sky High™ Chinese lanterns 20-pack Multi-Color, fully assembled and fully biodegradable, sky lanterns by Coral Entertainments for any occasion. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, funeral, memorial and much more.

Our paper lanterns variety pack includes only the highest quality, natural materials, including our eco wax fuel cell, cotton string, bamboo frame, and rice paper. You’ll get 10 Chinese lanterns so they’re 100% biodegradable.
Our Chinese lanterns biodegradable design means you won’t have any regrets as you watch your paper lanterns floating away. Most paper lanterns with lights use metal and synthetic materials, but not ours!
Release to the sky lanterns in memory of someone special. Observe a moment of silence as your colorful paper lantern lights its way to the skies. Chinese and Japanese lanterns are a beautiful way to add something special for ceremonies, funerals, and more.
Bring this unique gift for special events, and let your Chinese lantern plant memories for years to come. Make sure to pack our paper lanterns kit as a memorable addition to festivals, weddings, birthdays, and so much more. Take any wish you have, write it down and let it go! 

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Chinese lanterns sky lanterns  Measures_color

Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns


A few videos, just for you, to check our brand and unique lanterns 

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