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Chinese Sky Flying Lanterns - Make Your Wish Come True!

I remember my first experience with Fly Lanterns. It was in my best friend's wedding. Someone called me and asked me to hold this thin piece of paper while he is trying to light something. We waited for about 1minute when I saw that the Chinese lantern starts to fill with hot air. In no time, I dropped the lantern, and this one immediately started to float in the air. 1 lantern was beautiful, but 50 Chinese Lanterns in that weddings was breath holding. It was so awesome and gorgeous, that the bride and the groom were irrelevant for a few minutes. They all floated into the sky around 15 minutes, so high we could barely see them. Some of them caught on fire, and then I realized. I needed that our flying paper lanterns will be from high quality, better performance and safer lanterns floating in the air. I looked for a few month how to create, build make I safer, easier, more eco-friendly lighter. Better in every way, we did around 100 tests, took around 1 year of changing and building, but we finally created the ultimate Chinese Lanterns.

I also search for a way that you will be able to write your own thoughts, wishes and dreams, and let it fly.

Now, there is. On our wish lanterns, you can draw and write whatever you want, and send it to your loved ones that are in heaven. We called it SKY HIGH. Our lanterns are like lanterns air balloon. They are bigger in every way, lighter, safer and light up the sky brighter, just like the movie Tangled. Our lanterns are 100% BIODEGRADABLE, super safe for the environment. NO strings, NO solid fuel. Only 100% biodegradable and safer from any other paper lanterns out there. For more information, you can send us an email at support@coralentertainments or go to the following link to Amazon.

A friend of ours, photographer Ronn Murray took a few packs of our lanterns to Alaska, to set them with the northern lights. This is the final result. Beautiful in every singel way !

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