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Sky Lanterns - Memories For His Mom

Our life on earth is temporary. We all know that.

Sadly, we all know that one way or another we will say goodbye for our loved ones.

This is a story of a friend of mine, that lost his mother ahead of time. He loved his family so much, but his mother he loved the most. His family was devastated, and in order to remember his mother and honor her, the family decided to release Chinese lanterns for her memory.

It was a super emotional moment, that all of the family came together at that moment and remembered the great time they had with mom.

It is often that people are using flying lanterns in order to remember people that past away, weddings and birthdays, ceremonies, funerals and much more. It gives something super special to the event, rather it's happy or sad occasion.

I know that my friend will remember his mom for eternity, and sending Chinese lanterns to the sky just made it more memorable.

May his wishes will come true!

Hope you will have more happy occasions, my dear friend.

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